“Flock You” Program

The Long Valley Junior Women’s Club is Flocking!

Flamingo2Do you have an unsuspecting neighbor, friend or fre-enemy you’d like to pull the ultimate practical joke on? Why not sign up to have our “Flock You Crew” deliver a beautiful flock of Pink Flamingos to their front lawn! That’s right, in the dark of night, a flock of gorgeous pink flamingos will be placed on their front lawn complete with a note from you (or not, if you wish to remain anonymous). A perfect way celebrate a birthday, anniversary, say hello or just give someone a giggle.

Flocking costs $25.00 per flock (for the ultimate statement order 2 flocks) Additional options are available to customize your flocking. Money raised will be used for local community needs. Interested? Call the Long Valley Junior Women’s Club at 908-850-0022 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. One of our “Flock You Crew” will return your phone call.

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